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This is, where exist the Roger Bauleke files.

Roger was an eleven-year survivor of a brain tumor, and for those eleven years stressed the importance of research. It is as a result of research that his treatment protocol allowed him to survive for that length of time - and it was his hope to help others survive as well by his family continuing to support the National Brain Tumor Foundation's efforts via the Angel Adventure, an annual event held in the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit here for his Angel Adventure (fundraising event for the National Brain Tumor Foundation (then) now National Brain Tumor Society) personal photos, thoughts, memories and commentary.

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Roger passed away peacefully, surrounded by loving family, in August of 2005. In his memory, we continue to participate in the National Brain Tumor Society's annual Bay Area Brain Tumor Walk. If you'd like to contribute to that worthy cause, by all means, take this link.

If you want to see what else we're doing to raise funds for the National Brain Tumor Society, please visit Dangly-Bits Dot Com.